Choosing A Gaming Laptop Gift


Think about their fancy colors, powerful components and the classy designs – gaming laptops are in their own level. The beast systems are way out of the ordinary mainstream notebooks. If you need to enjoy quality gaming, these machines cannot afford to be within the ordinary. Modern titles that require high frame rates are quite demanding.

To buy the best gaming laptop, you need to understand the entire issue from the requirements’ point of view. Laptops have come a long way in the recent past to match the powerful desktops. Powerful portable gaming devices are now readily available in the market. Everything boils down to the cost and your gaming laptop doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. While most of these machines are high-end, you can still get one for your budget.

That said, you need to understand a number of issues regarding gaming laptops. This guide will be very resourceful when planning on buying the best gaming laptop.ertyuyrhtegwt4

How to choose a gaming laptop gift

1. Graphics Card (GPU)

This is utterly the core of your gaming system. The gaming world has enjoyed quality services of either NVIDIA or AMD GPUs. Choosing the best option here could prove to be daunting. Both offer a range of effective cards for quality gaming. You need to look out for the latest GTX 900 series or the Pascal 10-series for the best gaming experience.

2. System Memory (RAM)

From our research, you need at least 8GB of RAM to deliver quality gaming. With multiple applications running on your laptop, it is important to have a RAM that can handle sufficient data files for fast access. Some people love streaming while gaming or extending the system to a different monitor so as to do other stuff while playing their game. You can upgrade your system RAM to 12 GB pr even 16 GB for better performance.

3. Storage Space

Most games are large and require enough storage space to handle. Choosing the best way to for your drive could be difficult. However, an SSD (solid-state drive) has an advantage over the HDD (hard-drive) storage. While the SSD memory could be expensive compared HDD, it is fast and improves on performance and portability. Due to space limitations, most people may opt for SSD for boot files and HDD for other files. This could be expensive in the end but effective.

4. Display

Portability and size of the screen is a clear trade-off when it comes to gaming laptops. Bigger screens are fun to game on but they compromise the portability of the laptop. They are also power-demanding and bulkier. In most cases, a 15” 1080P resolution screen is sufficient for gaming. In modern age gaming, 4K resolution screens are very effective since most titles are in high resolutions. This could be expensive though.

5. Battery Life

Gaming on a decent laptop may come with a tough choice on the battery life. Portability is high affected by the battery life. You need a machine that can last long enough away from the power source. This could mean a bigger battery again affecting the portability of the machine. The longer the battery life, the better your laptop becomes.

Do not overlook the importance of speakers, and other connectivity ports like the HDMI, USB and LAN ports. They are very useful for gaming laptops which can be an amazing gadget gift for him.

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