Asus k501ux Laptop Specifications


Asus has once again done it with the Asus K501ux -inch laptop. If it is in conditions of performance, design, prices or specs, the notebook is at the top of it is class. It comes with an Intel Core i7 6500U and Core i5 processors, a 500Gb hard drive, and 4 Gb of RAM. This blend of powerful specs permits it to perform a wide variety of average computing tasks.

If you are currently hoping to get a high-performance, full-size laptop for your boyfriend, read more about the Asus k501ux at Laptop Verge, they have covered the features, ratings and everything about this entry level desktop replacement. This model has a couple of very competent specifications, good design and a modest price tag to match.

Asus K501UX Laptop Specifications

1. Intel core i7 3. 1 GHz Turbo processor

The Asus K501ux comes with an Advanced Microdevices core i7 3. 1Ghz Turbo processor. For storage, they have 4GB of RAM memory and then 500GB for storage. The 15. 6-inch screen is an HI-DEF display, 16: 9 wide-screen.rgtytr3f

2. NVIDIA GeForce 2GB graphic card

For graphics, this laptop has a NVIDIA GeForce images card. With it of specs, you will be able to experience a breezy multi-tasking performance and a wistful multimedia experience.

3. Sonic Master Sound support

For sound, the Asus K501ux comes with a set of nice sound stereo audio speakers with Sonic Master Audio technology.

4. VGA Web Camera

Other features in incorporate a VGA webcam and a dual layer DVD optical drive. Connectivity wise, this model comes with four hardware ports, a memory credit card reader, and 802. 11n Wi-Fi.

5. Robust Memory Speed

The Asus K501ux is a great everyday netbook for email, messaging, browsing the internet, and the rare online video watching. To get instance, you have the Asus FastBoot feature that boots up the Windows 7 operating system at a much faster pace. Then there are the Ice-Cool features that keep the pal slumber area under its computer keyboard counterpart cool for comfortable typing, even after extended hours of use.

The Asus K501ux also has great looks to match the great set of specs. Somewhat than the usual ordinary glossy external casing, this model has subtle fine dot patterns on it is casing that gives it a textured look. This measures at 14. 82 x 9. 95 a 1. 39 inches in space and weighs 5. 73 pounds.

With this units, 92% full-size keyboard it makes is very easy to browse the web without that sense of restriction that other type of netbooks can give you.

Every in all, the Asus K501ux is a very versatile laptop model and would act as a great desktop replacement laptop. At the moment, it is cheaply selling.